District Wendischfähre

Very important in the district Wendischfähre is the station of the Saxon- Bohemian Semmering- Railway. This Railway connects the spa town Bad Schandau with Sebnitz and Bautzen. On its way the train passes 7 tunnels and crosses a lot of bridges. You also have convenient connections to Dresden by a suburb train.

The Elbe-river cycling path passes through the district Wendischfähre, which goes upriver via Bad Schandau to Prague and down the river Elbe via Königstein, Rathen, Dresden, Meißen to Cuxhaven.

District Höhe

The district Höhe extends over a plateau on ca 240 m elevation. From here you have an unforgettable view on the most of the well-known rock formations of Saxon Switzerland. Link: www.rathmannsdorfer-panorama.de

District Zauke

The district Zauke is located on the slope of the Zaukengrund and borders directly with the town Bad Schandau.

The structure of the settlement is shaped by one-family houses with large gardens at a steep slope.

District Plan

Upriver to the Lachsbach, along the street S 163 in northern direction lies the district Plan. There you find half-timbered houses and smaller appartment buildings.

The Saxon-Bohemian Semmering railway crosses the valley of the river Lachsbach, before it enters the longest of 7 tunnels toward the town Sebnitz (The tunnel is called Mühlhorntunnel, 377 metres long).There is a bus to the city and station Bad Schandau.

District Gluto

The district Gluto is located in the valley of the river Sebnitz. It´s the smallest district of Rathmannsdorf with only 4 dwelling houses, the hostel “Ochelbaude” and the remote mill “Ochelmühle”.

From the railway station Porschdorf there are connections by the Saxon-Bohemian Semmering railway to Bad Schandau and Sebnitz.